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Board Retreats

Strategic Planning Retreat

Does your nonprofit need an infusion of clarity and enthusiasm? A scaffolding upon which to build your future? I can design half-or full-day retreats to meet your goals. I can spark fresh thinking in the face of intransigent problems and open your eyes to opportunities you didn’t know you had. If you’re planning an annual, strategic planning, problem-solving or team-building retreat, let VMJA guide you.

To learn more about my Strategic Planning offerings, click here.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Retreat: 5 Easy Steps to Fundraising

Does your board get big gifts?

Probably not. Most board members hate to ask and their nonprofits suffer.

That’s why I developed The Nonprofit Hero asking method–my proven method for engaging volunteers in inspired and authentic fundraising. Discover how to play to your board’s strengths. Learn simple, effective strategies through engaging stories that will remind them of key points for years to come. Soon, they’ll thrill to hearing “Yes!” when they ask for a gift.

How it Works
The Nonprofit Hero asking method shifts the fundraising paradigm. It begins by thanking, not asking.

Each of its 5 steps is grounded in a core principle. I can cast each board member in the fundraising role at which they’ll excel. The more they succeed, the happier they are, and the better they become at asking…and receiving!

We Get Results
Studies to date show 100% of the Nonprofit Hero-trained boards are more willing to fundraise and are more confident when asking for gifts.

One board almost doubled the number willing to solicit $1,000+ gifts. Another found an 80% increase in the rapidity with which they’ll contact donors.

The Nonprofit Hero asking method is:

  • Clear – its principles are easy to remember

  • Fast – training takes less than a day

  • Concrete – you’ll learn 10 things you can do, right now, for free, to raise more money

Each participant can receive:

  • Pre-training benchmarking

  • Asking personality profiles including strengths, weaknesses and the best types prospects to ask

  • Interactive training session

  • Help developing a personalized “elevator speech”

  • Techniques for getting in the right mindset to ask

  • Individual practice with The Nonprofit Hero asking method

  • Sample asking script and support materials

  • Post-training impact assessment                                                                   

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