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Talks & Webinars

Valerie is a dynamic speaker who has addressed multiple regional, national, and international groups. Notable audiences include the International Association of Fundraising Professionals, Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Dress for Success International, LEADERSHIP Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, and the American Lung Association.

How to Ask for Anything and Get It

Drowning in work? Can’t get help around the house? Want to ask for a raise, but don’t know how? Learn to tap the resources and allies that can buoy you up, freeing you to do what’s most important. This session teaches an authentic, strengths-based approach to asking in both your personal and professional life. Learn to spot the opportunities that surround you and to ask for help with power and conviction. Those who ask well, who know who, how, and when to ask, succeed. For themselves, their families, friends and causes. They ask with integrity and strategically, rarely getting a no, and, when they do, they are unfazed, even cheerful and often on good terms with those who decline their request.


We ask all the time, either badly or well. Sadly, some of don’t ask at all. How to Ask shows you that the flip side of your asking fear is your asking strength. You’ll learn to ask authentically, by tapping into why you want what you want. You’ll discover your Asking Personality and how to use it to set yourself up for success. You’ll learn to overcome the asking barriers within and to address any objections raised by those you ask. You’ll learn the basic anatomy of an ask, whether you seek a gift, a raise, a date, a favor, or a refund. 


Most important, you’ll learn to show up as the person who gets a yes. 

Research and Grant Writing 101

Learn how to write a successful grant proposal from start to finish. Beginning with prospect research, I will teach you how to effectively identify and prioritize your organization’s best funding opportunities, whether it be a corporate foundation, government agency, or private family fund. Talk attendees will also receive step-by-step instructions on how to compose a grant proposal, beginning with the anatomy of a proposal, and going through each component, from cover letter to budget attachments.

Board Excellence: How to Lead So Others Will Follow

Board members are an integral component of nonprofit organizations. Given the right guidance and motivation board members can transform a nonprofit organization. Learn how to maximize your effectiveness as a board member, and lead others to do the same.  Talk attendees will learn how their role as a board member can vary; from financial backer, to marketer/promoter, and the important difference between acting as a board and acting as an individual. Evaluate your own reasons for sitting on a board and find the cause that truly motivates you to act.

Conferences & Webinars

Enliven your conference with pragmatic and insightful talks that will resonate for years to come. I have addressed audiences from Baltimore to Beijing. The talks listed above can be tailored to suit your audience and timeframe, whether a traditional lecture or hands-on workshop format. Topics include:

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