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Celebrating 25 Years of Fun and Philanthropy

Happy Birthday to us!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of helping you through my consultancy, Valerie M. Jones Associates.

I'm celebrating as hobbits do, by giving presents rather than getting them!

❤️ Gratitude from my heart for all the clients I've worked with in the past twenty-five years.

👏 A round of applause for the leaders I've trained now serving on nonprofit boards.

😄 A smile for all the donors who've supported great causes.

🙏 A namaste for the foundation officers who read my proposals (and funded some!)

👍 A big thumbs up for my past interns. You're the future, and I'll always be here for you.

If, un-hobbit-like, you still want to give me something, do me a favor and explore the new website, You'll find a personality quiz, tips and tricks for your nonprofit, and much more!

I'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions for improvement you can give me.

Join me on LinkedIn with the hashtag #VMJA25 to celebrate and reminisce before the next adventure starts!

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