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Set Yourself Up for Success with a Tech Audit

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Happy New Year! January is a time for fresh starts and resolutions to work smarter, not harder. When it comes to your nonprofit’s technology, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does our social media captivate and engage our audience?

  • Does our website support our fundraising goals?

  • Do we use the full functionality of our database?

If your answer to any of these questions is “I Don’t Know” or even “No” then we can help.

Introducing – the Tech Audit!

The Tech Audit helps small-to-medium nonprofits assess their organization’s tech capabilities based on 150 data points. We cover three essential areas: Social Media, Website, and Database. You’ll get a detailed report showing where you’re top of the class, and a list of action steps where you could do even better.

  • Social Media: We’ll evaluate whether your nonprofit is using social media to its fullest potential.

  • Website: We’ll evaluate your nonprofit’s website (especially the Donate Page) for ease of navigation, clarity, and ability to engage visitors.

  • Database: We’ll evaluate your database’s structure, functionality, and completeness, as well as your team’s ability to maximize this critical resource.

A Tech Audit can be useful any time of the year, particularly:

  • Before you start a capital campaign

  • When you hire a new Development Director

  • When creating your next budget

We’re constantly updating the Tech Audit to reflect the latest trends. To learn more, contact us at:

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